The tenth and final season of the CBS sitcom as Murphy Brown which originally aired from October 1, 1997 to May 22, 1995, with a consists of 22 episodes. The series was greenlit to be revived at it's original home network during the third quarter of 2018. The series will be an thirteen-episode run. The original cast members are all set to return.

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Image No. in season Title Air Date Director Writer
1 Murphy Redux October 1, 1997 Peter Bonerz Marc Flanagan
Murphy says her goodbyes to the gang of FYI. She takes a month off before her new job at the White House starts. On her first day, Murphy enters the gate of the White House and forty minutes later she makes her exit. She goes back to FYI looking for her old job; though Joan Lunden is a prime candidate. When she does return, her first show back features a report by Corky on breast cancer. Appalled by the fact that neither Murphy nor Kay has had a recent mammogram, Corky insists they each get one. Kay's test is negative, but Murphy has to speak to the doctor.
2 A Butcher, A Faker a Bummed-Out Promo Maker October 8, 1997 Peter Bonerz
3 Ectomy, Schmectomy October 15, 1997 Peter Bonerz
4 Operation: Murphy Brown October 22, 1997
5 Florence Night-en Corky October 29, 1997
6 Waiting to Inhale November 5, 1997
7 Petty Woman November 12, 1997
8 From Here to Jerusalem November 19, 1997
9 Tempus Fugit November 24, 1997
10 I Hear a Symphony December 10, 1997
11 From the Terrace December 17, 1997
12 The Last Temptation of Murphy January 7, 1998
13 Turpis Capillus Annus January 14, 1998
14 Wee Small Hours January 21, 1998
15 Then and Now January 28, 1998
16 Opus One April 6, 1998
17 Seems Like Gold Times April 13, 1998
18 Second Time Around April 20, 1998
19 A Man and a Woman April 27, 1998
20 Dial and Substance May 4, 1998
21 Never Can Say Goodbye (Part 1) May 18, 1998
22 Never Can Say Goodbye (Part 2) May 18, 1998
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